The results of a special assessment of working conditions (SAWC)

In accordance with Article 212 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, each employer is obliged to conduct a special assessment of working conditions (SAWC).

CECT Infrastructure Consultancy Ltd. in a timely manner conducts SAWC at all workplaces in accordance with the legislation on a special assessment of working conditions.

A special assessment of working conditions at 19 workplaces of the company was carried out, the 2nd class of working conditions at all workplaces was established (2nd class - permissible working conditions - working conditions under which harmful and (or) hazardous production factors affect the employee whose exposure levels do not exceed the levels established by the standards of working conditions, and the changed functional state of the employee’s body is restored during regulated rest or by the beginning of the next working day).

More information about us:

We have implemented more than 350 projects during the work in the Russian market and in the CIS countries


Our customers and clients are international financial organizations, as well as industrial and municipal enterprises


Our offices are located in four countries. The head office is located in the very center of Moscow.

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