Project Description

Project Name: Rehabilitation of Shymkent water supply and wastewater systems. Wastewater treatment plant extension. Feasibility study.
Country: Kazakhstan
Period: 7/2022 - 1/2023
Client: EBRD, Water Resources Marketing LLP
Provided services description:
Objective: The Consultant’s purpose was to develop a comprehensive feasibility study for the EBRD to make an informed decision on financing the Shymkent wastewater treatment plant extension project.
Services within the FS include:
› Technical assessment of the existing sewerage system;
› Financial and economic analysis of the Project. Financial analysis of the Company;
› Environmental and social assessment of the Project;
› Review of procurement and implementation strategy;
› Project risk assessment;
› Assessment and suggest measures to improve the Project with regards to EBRD’s Green Economy Transition (“GET") approach;
› Long Term Investment Programme (“LTIP”), outlining the strategic investment needs of the Client, and based on this a detailed Priority Investment Programme (“PIP”) recommending investments suitable for financing by the Bank, including a detailed analysis of their cost and implementation;
› Assessment of the risks induced by climate change;
› Assessment of the efficient use of resources (including the efficient use of electricity and water resources, as well as the possibility of minimizing waste and greenhouse gas emissions) in the implementation of the Project.

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