Project Description

Project Name: Project for the reconstruction, development and modernization of water supply, sanitation and disposal of sewage sludge for SUE Vodokanal of St. Petersburg
Country: Russian Federation
Period: 06/2019 - 07/2022
Client: EADB / SUE “Vodokanal of Saint-Petersburg”
Provided services description:
Objective: to provide technical consultant services, including technical examination on technical and/or technological compliance of design and construction works with applicable standards and norms, quality control of installation and construction works, completion of works in accordance with the approved Investment Project Implementation schedule, as well as monitoring and control of expenses and / or cost of expenses under the Project as part of the intended use of borrowed funds by the Borrower
The Investment Project includes the following objects:
• Object A. “Reconstruction of the northern aeration station (2nd stage)”;
• Object B “Reconstruction of the sludge treatment complex with the construction of two combustion lines at the Central Aeration Station”.
• Object B. Second string of the main sewer collector of the northern part of St. Petersburg design.
The designed capacity of the NAS after the completion of stage 2 will be - 1,007.8 thousand m3 / day. Indicators of discharge of nutrients (total nitrogen and total phosphorus with treated wastewater will comply with the HELCOM 28 / E5 recommendations and the allowable discharge established by the Permits for discharge.
The reconstruction project of the Northern Aeration Station (NAS) includes the modification of the existing biological secondary treatment process and its expansion by the biological removal of nitrogen and phosphorus. During the reconstruction of the northern aeration station (NAS) for the 2nd stage, the following series of measures is provided:
1) reconstruction of a five-channel aeration tank (size 125x180.0 m) with the replacement of mechanical and electrical equipment and pipelines with a change in the biological treatment method, with the restoration of building structures, without changing the construction parameters of structures
2) replacement of mechanical and electrical equipment in six secondary sumps with a 54m diameter with the restoration of building structures, without changing the construction parameters of structures;;
3) replacement of one blower with piping and control system;
4) construction of a pumping station for the transfer of return and excess sludge;
5) construction of an electrical substation (44.0x7.1 m);
6) reconstruction of switching and distribution chambers;
7) technical re-equipment of the NAS industrial water pumping station;
8) reconstruction of the recycled industrial water pumping station at the NAS precipitation incinerator;
9) Works on the 2nd entrance to the main pumping station of NAS, to the chamber of the shield shutters ШКК3-ЩК4.
At the Central Aeration Station (CAS), the project provides construction of two new sludge incineration lines with an average / maximum design capacity of 160/180 tons of dry matter per day (each furnace 80/90 tons), including investments in:
1) construction of a new sludge incinerator and the installation of furnaces No. 5 and No. 6;
2) the construction of a new gas boiler room with the reconstruction of the existing gas control point;
3) construction of industrial water pumping station;
4) construction of new networks of engineering support (water, gas, heat and electricity, sewage) including structures;
5) construction of a pedestrian gallery between the planned sludge incineration plant and the existing sludge dewatering plant
6) construction of a chamber for industrial water receiving;
7) the dismantling of part of the silt sites with the device of the fence. The technology of burning in furnaces operating on technologies of burning in a fluidized bed is provided. The technology for burning sewage sludge allows a large-scale reduction of the volume of the treated sludge, as well as disinfection of the sludge during its thermal treatment.
Design capacity of the central aeration station - 1,500.0 thousand m3 / day of wastewater

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